Thursday, September 18, 2008

cool clouds

After working during the retreat this past weekend, my generous boss though it would be good for me to take a day off. He told me this Tuesday morning, after I was already work. I looked at my calendar: a meeting Wednesday morning, Wednesday afternoon, student worker coming in Wednesday and Thursday, and the intern meeting early Friday morning. No chance to take a whole day and avoid the commute. Huh.

So I'm taking this morning off. Yay! And a lovely morning it is; it's been hot here for the last week (and I walk about a mile in it every week day), so imagine my delight this morning to see a nice, thick cloud cover hanging over Portland. Ahhhh. So nice and cool.

Monday, September 15, 2008

meet Puck

I got an owl just in time to move in to the dorms at Hogwarts. He's quiet, wise, and very happy not to be rooming with the cat anymore. I think he'll like it in the owlery. He likes to be read to, especially poetry. Meet Puck.