Friday, March 26, 2010

Making Pizza!

Hello, my name is Paul and I will be your guest blogger for the day. No, that isn't me throwing a ball of dough in the air, that's Sarah, seen here demonstrating the fine art of making pizza! You can see our new butcher block mobile unit from IKEA, purchased recently to help Sarah with baking and dough rolling because every rented kitchen lacks something important - in this case, a work surface.

Making pizza is tricky business, though eating it is easy enough. Below is the exciting process!

Let the dough fall where it may from its orbit above the preparation surface. With luck, the dough will land in an absolutely perfect circle, pretty well centered on a piece of parchment paper. Apply red tomato sauce liberally in an even coat to prevent the dough from jumping up into the air again. Look at that fine technique!

Next, apply non-cow-dairy cheese (so we don't offend any allergies), and to camouflage the pizza so the bright red target you just painted on your kitchen counter doesn't attract too much attention. Best to be discreet.

Cover with sliced ham and pineapple bits! Leave no sauce uncovered! Pineapples are very festive, so I think our pizza will do just fine.

Insert pizza into oven with approved wooden paddle, directly onto pizza stone. Note that our new oven does not have a window in the door - what were they thinking?

When the pizza is done baking, remove from oven and cut using a pizza slicer. Remember to wear a long sleeved shirt if you have hairy arms like Paul.

Bon Appetit!