Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Eating can be quite interesting. This was all one meal.

Portland Farmer's Market - First Day!

The Farmer's Market at Portland State University downtown opened this past Saturday. It's been three long cold months since we last walked the crowded lanes of delicious local and mostly organic foods and flowers. Miles seemed to find it interesting as he took in the views and sounds while carried around by Sarah. Light rain fell and the trees are all still bare, but we're excited that the Market is back for the season!

Portland Farmer's Market - nestled among the cold naked trees.

I think someone invented some new colors for chard. Ridiculous.

The Farmer's Market chard is always HUGE! We bought an orange bunch this week.

We picked up some French Breakfast radishes (the long skinny ones at the bottom).

These were the best carrots. Another stand was selling little pencils they called carrots.

Brown pears. I don't like pears.

The local music scene. Sometimes there's a guy with a washboard. Upturned hat required.

Sarah and Miles. "Stop taking pictures and catch up!"