Saturday, February 14, 2009

a lover's secret

I was taking a walk today near the Forbidden Forest when a fluttering caught my eye. I followed a path leading inward, saw this on a tree trunk and moved closer to see what it was.

How shocking! I had stumbled upon someone's private, passionate thoughts, pinned to the tree for their lover to find.

From where I was standing I saw another fluttering sheet of parchment.

And then another!

There wasn't anyone else around that I could see, but as I continued on the path I had the creepy feeling someone was watching me. I decided not to go any further and turned back for the castle at once. After all, I shouldn't go wandering into the Forbidden Forest anytime of the day. I wonder if I would have found F.S., or if I would have intruded on a secret tryst. Or maybe someone or something would have found me first! Eek!

"A lavish lust for flesh" and "As from afar I watch and weep"?...I don't think I was supposed to see those poems!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

etsy at last

I finally got my first sets of stitch markers up in my etsy shop, Bumblebirch, so now I feel official! I'm a businesswoman! Well, more a crafter, really. But I think it's a good start!

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