Friday, October 17, 2008

yarn goodies

Today when I got home I had so many goodies waiting for me!

Blue yarn from Hermoninny:

And then a neighbor knocked on the door--they got a package for me--bronze metallic yarn from Bobbilicious:

And goodies!!

How fun! Now I can start knitting the muff for my team...

my life right now

My focus is very limited this week. As the days go by, the focus becomes narrower and narrower. My mind hones in one one target: event.

Here's what I'm running tomorrow: Gospel, Church and Culture Workshop. It's going to be super-challenging, as usual for my boss and his partner in crime colleague.

My brain is a hurricane of details, but it's only an F1. Maybe just a tropical storm. It's not as complex as a full-blown conference: no registration, no food and coffee, no breakout sessions, no guest speakers. Very simple really, and I'll have my lovely crew of interns to help with setup and logistics all morning! All I need to do now is to triple-check my materials list and remember to set the alarm!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Quidditch Round 2


1. What animal does the portrait in the Muggle Prime Minister's office resemble?
a. Rat
b. Frog
c. Cat
d. Lion

2. What drink does Romilda Vane try to give Harry?
a. Gillywater
b. Butterbeer
c. Pumpkin Juice
d. Elf-Made Wine

3. What is the name of the person who heads the Holyhead Harpies?
a. Gwenog Smith
b. Gwenog Jones
c. Glen Jones
d. Glen Smith

4. How many 'Exceeds Expectation' grades does Harry receive in his O.W.L's?
a. 6
b. 3
c. 5
d. 4

5. What is Professor Slughorn's favorite candy?
a. Cockroach Clusters
b. Sherbet Lemon
c. Acid Pops
d. Crystallized Pineapple

6. What tattoo is Harry reported to have on his chest?
a. Mermaid
b. Blast-Ended Skrewt
c. Hippogriff
d. Unicorn

7. What color robes do the staff at the Weasley's shop wear?
a. Buttercup
b. Magenta
c. Royal Blue
d. Aqua

8. What is the man outside Flourish and Blotts selling?
a. Amulets
b. Cloaks
c. Wands
d. Hats

9. How much is the skull, which Hermoine enquires about at Borgin and Burkes, worth?
a. 9 Galleons
b. 18 Galleons
c. 16 Galleons
d. 12 Galleons

10. What are Professor Slughorn's initials?
a. H.F.G.
b. H.E.F.
c. H.A.I.
d. H.K.D.


Favorite Character

Favorite Magical Creature