Thursday, July 29, 2010


I guess it's nesting. I haven't felt compelled to clean anything, but I've been crafting up a storm lately!

I went on a fabric shopping spree yesterday (thanks Dad and Lynne!) and procured some fun flannel for cloth wipes. These are all cut up and ready for sewing into 2-ply pieces. The gold will be the backside for all of them. Banana butt! I think it'll make diaper-changing a little more fun.

I just love those monkey fabrics, so I also got some cotton to go with this organic cotton terry for burp cloths. Again, making spit-ups tolerable with monkey prints.

Using thrifted fleece and cotton flannel,  as well as some scraps from my own fabric stash, I'm making my own nursing pads. I'm using Lindsay's tutorial, but with the fun cotton print on the inside. Yes, now you all know what my underwear looks like.

Paul picked out some fat quarters the other day in black and white. I added a little green from my scrap stash and got inspired to make this quilt!

I took a cue from Elizabeth of Oh, Fransson! in this helpful wonky cross tutorial. I decided to make some pluses and minuses and mix up the directions.

It's only about 25" square so far, so I'm going to put a border around it to make it a bit larger. Then the backside will be a solid blue cotton.

My friend Bethany made a ring sling and encouraged me to try the easy pattern she found online. The green linen was a gift from my friend LaVonne, who commissioned a ring sling for her own little baby Anders. The rings are from SlingRings, which are tested, safe, and very inexpensive.

We thought about putting Olive in the sling to model it, but then remembered she has claws. But if she was a more docile cat, we might have tried it. Here it is, ready for baby!

All these crafts can be added to our growing supply of baby goods. We've got diapers (thanks Lynne & Michal!)...

...We've got kimono shirts (thanks LaVonne!) and little diaper covers...

...And cute onesies! These are just a few of my favorites. The elephant applique onesie is from the Etsy Baby Shower; the hand-embroidered "homemade" onesie is from our friends Donna and Corey; and the apple onesie is from BeeZoo Exchange, a local children's consignment shop.

Look closer! Little wiggly worms going for the apples! I just love Petit Bateau.

And a sweet collection of handmade flannel blankets and burp cloths, from my mother-in-law Susie. The jungle prints are so cute! I must have a thing for monkeys.

Ok, this has nothing to do with the baby. This has to do with trying to keep my business running: YARN!!! I've been dyeing up vats of yarn to stock up my shop during the baby sabbatical. You can see some silk/merino lace there in the middle--a new yarn for Bumblebirch!

Sadly, I haven't been able to get any knitting done in months. My hands are just too tingly and get numb and stiff very easily. Sewing has been much easier than trying to knit, so I've got a list of baby knits to work on after the baby's born. Sweaters for fall, little vests and socks, and all kinds of goodies.

Whew! I totally deserve a nap, don't I?