Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ravenclaw Treasure Hunt

I hope you all had as much fun as I did! Everyone's still got 3 more hours...

broom (5)

This broom was not used in the quidditch world cup...but it's still very useful.

diadem (10)

"Wit beyond measure is a man's greatest treasure!"

engagement ring (5)

Not traditional, but perfect for me! Garnets in rose gold, circa 1900. My husband Paul picked it out for me from a vintage jewelery shop. Also a great way to save money for the honeymoon!

fanged frisbee (10)

Here is Paul about to deploy his fanged frisbee around the room... escaped and chased some girls outside. They thought it was fun until it started biting them.

glass of butterbeer (10)

From my trip to Hogsmeade this past weekend. The lighting in the Three Broomsticks is very dim, perhaps so you can't see the food?

government employee (10)

horcrux (15)

This poor muggle repairman collected items like this cup, and didn't even realize he had a horcrux in his office all these years...

house socks (being worn) (5)

Knitsy obligingly let me take a picture of her wearing discarded socks she found around the castle. I think one used to belong to a Slytherin and the other to a Ravenclaw.

lucky potion (10)

My potion, Felix Felicis on the right. I need it to get through this week! Paul's Pepperup potion on the left.

magical creature (15)

This food is magical! (Not made of pegasus.)

muggle artifact (5)

I think muggles use these instead of owls? Looks complicated.

public art (5)

A smaller representation of a larger nearby bridge.

raven's feather (15)

I wonder where the rest of the feathers are now?

shady shop (10)

I wouldn't go in here even during daytime hours. Sketchy.

tree changing seasons (5)

Fall is here! At least for the northern hemisphere...

used textbook (5)

A used textbook in use by a student in the library. Muggle libraries are remarkably similar to normal libraries, except they need a lot of staff to move the books around. I'm so glad my books put themselves away!

That's almost all of them for Team Tailfeathers! Sorry I couldn't find a government employee. I thought for sure I'd see a police officer or a fireman or the postman. I even live next to a post office and I never got home form work before they closed. Well, it was fun!


  1. It's a good thing that restaurant doesn't serve Pegasus... I've heard it can make your stomach try to fly out your throat!

    I was lucky on the government employee front, being married to one and all...

    This was excellent fun! Thank you for hosting it. :-) -Bevin

  2. Good job! Hey, wasn't that student in the library an army reservist? I could have sworn you said he was! ;)

  3. Great Job on your pictures! I am checking in to see what your favorite colors and fibers are and to make sure you aren't allergic to anything. Unfortunately, I am allergic to angora and mohair. I am excited to get started on your hat tomorrow. :0)

  4. Hey I have that laptop AND that starbucks mug! Were you in my apt taking pictures? lol. I had a lot of fun. Thanks so much!