Friday, October 24, 2008

working hard

What a week! The first half was hectic and the second half was slowly.

I've developed this little tactic with my boss: when he has something big going on, that needs to be my big thing too. For example, he left town early Wednesday morning for a conference. That means that Tuesday was filled with emergencies and urgent To-Do's. And computer failures, of course.

So what do I do when dates like this arrive? I plan on not doing anything except helping my boss get out the door. That is my one and only must-do task for the day. If he has to be somewhere, like a meeting or a speaking engagement, my job is to get him there with everything he needs in order. That means thinking about all the little details for him ("Do you have a ride to the airport at 4am?" "Do you need copies of your workshop materials I think I've mastered the "travel packet" for him. The hard thing is, it takes months of working with someone before you can anticipate their needs.

Aaaand I found out just a couple of days ago that the handmade portion of the Hogwarts Kit Swap is due TODAY. My hands hurt. If I run out of yarn I'm going to be so. very. angry! I think I remade this very hat 4 or 5 times now. I have all these great ideas for my spoilee's package, but I can't blather about it here. She'll see. I want it to be a big surprise!

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  1. ::ears perk up:: ooh, a hat?

    I am TOTALLY sneaky and reading your blog :D