Friday, January 2, 2009

a new year of knitting

One of my first projects to start off the new year has been to organize my knitting: the yarn, the projects, the patterns, and the plans! Yesterday I tackled the stash. My particular challenges are:
space - we live in a studio apartment
categories - all of the yarn was intermixed
cat - she gets into everything she can reach

Here is the stash in all its messy glory:

These baskets are so disorganized! I have to search every basket for the certain yarn I'm looking for. There are printed patterns everywhere.

Look at all this fiber! I should have like 100 sweaters by now!

First I bagged multiple skeins of yarn together as well as WIPs, re-matching labels with the yarns by wrapping them around with a rubber band. I found that I had several partial balls of some yarns--no more of that now that they're all together! I decided to organize the yarn by weight rather than fiber, because 1) that's how I choose the yarn for projects and 2) it's not being stored in a dark closet or cellar, so no worries about moths. Here are the organized baskets:

Olive kitteh approves of the new orderliness.




Fingering (just sock yarn right now)

The last basket has circular needles, swatches, my new winder, and bagged yarn I'm trying to trade/sell.

My notions/current small project box looked a lot better after cleaning out all the extra labels, yarn snippets, and swatches.

I put current projects in my project bag. I hope this will help limit my WIPs.

I collected all of the paper and sorted out the patterns I wanted to keep.

I slipped them all into sheet protectors and organized them into a binder. The sections are by use. Here's is what I have so far:
Baby items

Here's the finished product, yarn and needles tucks safely away at the top of the bookcase:


  1. V. neatly organized. so proud!!! I tried to organize my yarns too a few weeks ago... it did not go as well as yours...

  2. Ooooooooooooooo!!!!!! I'm sooooooooo jealous!!! It looks so PRETTY!!! And I LOVE organization! LOL