Saturday, July 11, 2009


Most of the clever meal-planning women I know post their menus on Monday and call it "Menu Plan Monday" or something similar. I like this idea, but it doesn't make sense for Paul and me to wait until Monday to plan our meals. The Farmer's Market is on Saturday mornings, so we need to know what to aim for before we head out. Sometimes the plan changes when we find a certain vegetable (or lack thereof) at the market, but it's better to head out the door with a plan than no plan at all!

Saturday: Chicken salad with mandarin oranges, almonds, and soy-ginger dressing

Sunday: Casserole with potatoes and summer veggie (squash?)

Monday: Fish with rice and steamed veggies

Tuesday: Tomato soup...maybe with grilled cheese!

Wednesday: Fajita burritos

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: Prime beef cut (from cowshare, stocked in freezer) w/veggies

Special items to make this week:
Bake sandwich bread
Make summer fruit tart
Make tortillas using Michal's recipe

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