Wednesday, August 5, 2009

report from day 0 at Sock Summit

This afternoon was exhausting, but really fun to be a part of. I met Karin of Periwinkle Sheep at the Convention Center and we proceeded to set up her booth. Every box she opened was a burst of more delicious, earthy color! She even has special Luminary colorways inspired by the members of the Luminary Panel. They are drop-dead gorgeous! What I wouldn't give to get my hands on some Steph and some Pricilla...See this post on her blog for the colorways.

Seriously, there is so much beautiful yarn!! And this was just one booth...

We got the booth pretty much set up and the colors arrayed in a rainbow palette. The dressform was naked so I threw my own shawl over it until Karin could get the sample shawl. (And I'll be publishing that shawl pattern to Ravelry soon!) We did more work after this shot, so imagine colorful project bags, fluffy balls of roving, and beautiful socks everywhere!

This was just looking one direction--the exhibit room is HUGE!! Behold the mess!

(Pssst! There's YARN is those boxes! Please somebody unpack them!)

You recognize that name, right?

Lisa Souza is across the aisle.

And Blue Moon is right behind us!

The cheerful, sweet folks setting up the Blue Moon Booth.

And the Verb for Keeping Warm people, having it all together and decorating their spindle tree. I can't wait until tomorrow when it's fully set up!

And now, I'm going to bed! I've got a workshop in the morning and I want to be wide awake for it.

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