Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mystery Vegetable!

One joy of the bi-weekly CSA delivery is the mystery vegetables! Sometimes you don't know what you'll get. This bunch of white things came in our box yesterday. What are they? What do we do with them? Why are they here? Our guess is white radishes, as the root part looks just like a radish (only white instead of red). But the leaves are different, and it turns out these are actually baby white turnips, according to the email we later received from Hood River Organics. While we aren't sure what to do with more turnips, we definitely don't need more radishes. What do you do with twenty radishes???


  1. Radishes from the garden?

    Sit out in the sun and eat'em!!


  2. Radishes? make a lot of salad, lol. The greens from the turnips are edible too, and kinda taste like arugula, try them cooked as well (steamed). Love you guys!