Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Food is good.

Day 8 of TED. Surprisingly not bored of the food yet! Here's what I've been eating:

Brown rice pudding (cooked in rice milk) with cinnamon
Brown rice farina with maple syrup & cinnamon

reheated dinner :)

Baked turkey & sweet potatoes
Turkey burger, sauteed delicata squash & zucchini with thyme
Turkey burger, sauteed sweet potatoes & pears with rosemary & rice pasta
Braised lamb with potatoes & millet

Whole pear
Glass of rice milk
Sliced roast turkey
Mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes

Not super exciting, except that sweet potatoes + pears + rosemary = delicious!

I added spinach today! It's not that I lack iron, since sweet potatoes are very high in iron, but I really needed a veggie that isn't starch or squash, something I could eat fresh and cooked, and I want to be able to throw it into smoothies in the near future (when I add back in a few more ingredients).

All I can think of is which food to add next!

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