Saturday, February 26, 2011

I never thought I'd be so happy to eat a salad!

It's been nearly 2 months on the elimination diet, and it's been very beneficial. It took abut 3 weeks for my system, and then Miles's system, to completely flush out and become regular again. Yellow is the "in" color now (you parents will know what I mean). It was really tough to choose which foods I wanted to add first, because of course I wanted more variety, but I also needed foods that were simple to prepare and would go with what was already on the menu. In order, here's what I added:

  • bananas
  • melon
  • carrots
  • salmon
  • chicken
  • eggs -- this one was a bigger risk, but it doesn't seem to bother Miles! Woohoo! So now I can have hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, frittata /crustless quiche, and homemade mayonnaise.
  • quinoa
  • lettuce
  • sprouts (home grown alfalfa sprouts, I have to brag)

I've been having a hard time adding in veggies because there's not much in season right now except winter squash, and the other veggies we could get at the store are all cruciferous (typically gassy), so they're on the "No" list for awhile yet with nuts, tomatoes, shellfish and the like. Luckily, Spring is upon us soon and so will be the green beans, asparagus, radishes, and arugula...Mmmm!

If it seems like I haven't added a whole bunch of food yet, that's because not every food I tried worked out. We already knew soy and chocolate are on the "No" list, but we had some issues with chickpeas, sesame seeds (and sesame oil), and coconut milk. Bummer!

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