Sunday, August 17, 2008

the worst is over

This weekend has been a really, really good weekend. Praise the Lord! I just needed some of the weight lifted from my shoulders at work. Once that was done, I felt light, free, confident, and excited again. My boss is back from Japan, which of course is reassuring and energizing. That doesn't mean everything is going smoothly at work all of a sudden. Oh no no no. We had one of our speakers cancel, we're postponing an event, our journal went to print and we found editing errors in the proof, school is about to start and my boss came down with the flu in the middle of faculty training...but it's not overwhelming to the point of paralyzing me anymore. I feel up to the challenge again. It's better now.

I've finished 2 projects so far for the Ravelympics: A mug cozy (so my coffee stays warm in my freezing office) in the Cable Steeplechase and Homestuff Hammerthrow events, and a teapot cozy in the WIP Wrestling event. I've still got 2 more projects: finishing my green sweater for WIP Wrestling, and my Inga Hat for the Hat Dash and Colorwork Cross-Country events. I hope I can finish!

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