Saturday, December 6, 2008


I've decided to join the Hufflepuffs in the Holiday Sock-Along, and I'm super excited to knit socks again. I haven't knit socks in....who knows how long. Here's the yarn I got from Crazy 4 Dyeing, a lovely golden honey colorway:

Unfortunately, I'm very indecisive so I'd like some help picking out my socks. Here's what I've narrowed it down to:

Magic Mirror


Diamond Rib

Singing in the Rain

Please vote using the poll on the sidebar. Thanks!


  1. My vote: either Magic Mirror or the Diamond rib. Potamotus seems like scales, and it needs a blue/green yarn imo. Singing in the Rain - you need rainy colors for that! :-P

    PS Yay for KAL-ing with Hufflepuffs :D

  2. I vote either Diamonds or Rain :)

  3. I vote magic mirror. I love that pattern!