Monday, February 1, 2010

New Year, New Life

I've been finding it difficult to get anything done lately.

Chores like laundry and cleaning, which I generally dislike and avoid anyway, have been insurmountable. Cooking and baking, which I usually love, have been nearly off limits as I've been avoiding the kitchen. Knitting (sigh!), my favorite sedentary hobby, has been left in project bags and baskets for months now, unwanted.

I've struggled with feeling inadequate, useless, and lazy, but then my husband reminds me that for once I totally have a solid excuse: I'm pregnant!

After Thanksgiving, my desires and abilities began to change. I started eating everything in the house, nonstop. I fell asleep at 8pm and slept for 11-12 hours each night. We started hoping and getting excited...until the not-so-fun changes began. All-day nausea that kept me in bed until 1pm. Insomnia. Food aversions (mostly the smells) to things I usually love to eat.

Well! There went my awesome meal plan, chore schedule, and desire to get out and exercise!

Now that a few uncertain, rough months have gone by, I find myself feeling a little better each day. We're learning to cope with my new schedule of sleeping whenever I want. Paul's been great in the kitchen and doesn't mind making multiple grocery-store runs. We're finding new ways to plan meals (pretty much just keep a handful of "safe" basics on hand) and Paul's a champ at chores. He reminds me daily to rest, to not pressure myself, and to take the time to get used to these changes.

I'm just looking forward to getting my energy and proper appetite back!

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