Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On the road again

Ok, so not really on the road, but we are on the move again. After 1 year in this apartment and several major problems (such as mold every time it rains, and windows that won't open), we definitely have to get out! We figured since a baby's on the way too, we might as well get a 2-bedroom now rather than move again before it's 18 months old. I hate moving! I hate packing up things into boxes, where they are inaccessible and not put away where they go. Things should be in their place. It stresses me out.

But this time I have a plan!

Starting NOW:
  • Sort & purge! Time to get rid of the things we don't love enough to move.

  • Collect boxes & start packing away the things we don't use regularly, like books, camping gear, summer clothes, etc.

  • Recruit moving help. Make sure they put it on their calendars in pen.

Lease signing & key pickup: Friday February 26th

  • Measure new apartment. Make a detailed plan. Confirm whether curtainrods will work in new place. Will the dining table fit through the front door?

  • Reserve a Zipcar, preferably a truck or Element. Yay cargo space!

  • Get a permit from the City to reserve parking space for moving day.

  • Pack pack pack pack pack. And keep purging! Have everything packed and IKEA furniture disassembled by Friday night.

Major moving days: Saturday March 6th-Sunday March 7th

  • Try not to freak out.

  • Take over basic supplies first: cleaning supplies, overnight bags, paper plates & cups, and don't forget the TP!

  • Let the men do the heavy lifting. What?! I'm pregnant! I'm totally excused!

  • Feed the men.

  • Resist the urge to reassemble my home in 1 day.

Ok, it shouldn't be so hard, right? I mean, by this time, I should be a pro at moving. I moved at least once every year in college, and every year since then. I am comforted that we now have a second bedroom in which to pile miscellaneous stuff, and a storage unit for that bulky cooler. Right, Shouldn't be too bad.

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