Friday, March 5, 2010

New home

Ah yes, another year, another rental. This time, however, we hope to stay put for awhile! We ended up moving 1 week sooner than planned, which felt a bit rushed while packing but has given us both a much-needed change of environment. My moving and packing planning paid off! I didn't stress at all until the Friday night before "moving day," on which day I realized, "Oh. We're moving tomorrow and I haven't packed up the kitchen."

The kitchen! My most-used, most productive room in the home! It was painful to take things out of their organized places, to dump out drawers of carefully-sorted cutlery and utensils into indiscriminate boxes, to wrap up and stack piles of bowls and glasses in such a way that they will be useless for days. What heartache! Well, it was a good excuse to go out for sushi! (Don't worry, I didn't eat any raw fish.)

Speaking of the baby, it's started moving around in there. It's weird. Alien invasion!

Ok, back to the home. We've assembled the furniture (oh IKEA, how we love thee) and got a lot of boxes unpacked. Of course I had to unpack the kitchen first! One of the many great features of this townhouse is a storage unit in the basement--and direct access to the basement from our unit! When viewing the unit, I thought the storage space was large, about 4'x6' from what I could tell. When we got the keys and were given our welcome tour, the property manager opened up the storage space door and turned on a light: it's enormous! It's about as big as our old bedroom, maybe even bigger. So we've moved all of our seasonal storage, sporting goods, and "to sell" items down there, out of the way.

Now the big task is using our closets, baskets, shelves, and other creative storage to put away the rest of the piles of stuff. We're resuming hosting our home group Sunday night, so if all else fails I'm chucking everything into the second bedroom. Once things get together, I hope to have some nice pictures.


  1. Yay! Congrats and I'm so glad the townhouse worked out for you! :-D

  2. I am enjoying your posts! Have relatives in Portland and love it there.