Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Baby Supplies & Precious Gifts

Paul and I have already received a flood of thoughtful, sweet gifts for the baby. We've gotten blankets and toys and clothes and a HUGE diaper bag (an Amy Butler bag in green!!), so I think all we need now are diaper covers and some fabric for cloth wipes, and we'll be ready for baby's arrival. We still have a lot of unconventional items on our list, but I think we'll be able to survive the first few weeks.

Among the gifts are timeless ones we've already had chance to enjoy--books! Paul has been reading to the baby in the evenings, which is fun for us as well. So far, we've gotten these great titles:

Little Learning Books, from Green Start

My First Read-Aloud Bible, from American Bible Society

Dr. Seuss's ABC's

Things That Are Most in the World, by Judi Barrett

The Tiny Seed, by Eric Carle

Bear Snores On, by Karma Wilson

Do YOU Have a Hat? by Eileen Spinelli

Monkey & Me (Mono y Yo), by Emily Gravett

But No Elephants, by Jerry Smath

The Missing Piece Meets the Big O, by Shel Silverstein

Cars and Trucks and Things That Go, by Richard Scarry

I can't wait until our little one can read these out loud to us!


  1. Good for you reading already. I read to our boys from the time we were home from the hospital. People asked me why I was reading to a baby. . .this was in the dark ages about 50 years ago. . .Well, they both love books and are very smart, if I do say so myself! marlu

  2. RICHARD SCARY! That was my favorite book series when I was little. Love love love....