Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Baseball Action Night! and Knitting!

Tonight, Sarah and I went to PGE Park to watch the Portland Beavers play the Reno Aces (AAA baseball). It was "Stitch and Pitch" night - local knitters got together (many with their non-knitting husbands and friends) and took in the game while working on their knitting projects. The Beavers lost 5-2.

Around the fourth inning or so, a foul ball came screaming towards us on the first base side. It headed straight towards Sarah, and literally straight towards her belly! I instinctively reached my left hand out to protect her, and the ball glanced off my finger and hit her thigh. It would have hit her straight in the baby otherwise, and the baby is due in three and a half weeks! She suffered only a small bruise on her thigh and is fine, but I sprained or bruised my finger and required ice for the rest of the night.

Baseball is so exciting! (and it's very hard to type with only one hand)

Baby Kurth almost catches a baseball in the face at Week 36! Sarah shows off her knitting project and the offending baseball, as the Beavers lose on the field.


  1. OMG!! The ball almost hit my grandchild!!! (Must be a boy!!) PTL you diverted the ball! Wow!!
    mamma F.

  2. I had to giggle @ "straight in the baby". Not because that would be funny, but because it's not something that one usually hears. I think you guys have a little athlete on the way! Thanks for sharing (and for linking Sarah!)

    ♥ Jamie